Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hot Brownie Sundae

Went to the Taproom at Dubsdread tonight.
Had a very yummy dinner, which was Grilled Chicken with provolone cheese melted on top; My favorite cheese! I also ordered a side of rice, but it wasn't to my liking. It was dry and, apparently I was the only who thought this, but I didn't taste any flavor at all. Maybe I'm just to use to steamed rice.

But of course I couldn't leave without dessert! I love desserts more than anything! It's the reason I go out to eat! Sometimes, I'll choose dessert first, and maybe, just maybe, I'll order a meal. This does frustrate my parents sometime, but they're just happy to see me eat.

I order the most sinful dessert on the menu - The Hot Brownie Sundae.
Every bite was like a piece in heaven. So delicious!


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