Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ruth Chris Steakhouse

It was my 17th birthday today!

Well, not exactly. My birthday isn't till tomorrow, but we celebrated it today. How did we celebrate it? By going to one of the most awesome restaurants known to be! Ruth Chris Steakhouse!!

I absolutely love, love, love Ruth Chris! However, they're food is pretty pricey. So it's not something that you really get to go to all the time as would be liked. That is, if you don't have pockets full of cash. Which I do not have. But, it's good to go to for special occasions. Which is what was done for my birthday.

I'd been dieing to go back to Ruth Chris since I went last time, which was in the Spring for my fathers birthday. They're food in my eyes is like dieing and going to heaven. Never have I ever had such tasty, delicious steak like I've had at Ruth Chris! I'm not one whom really favors steak at all to begin with. However, put one of they're steaks in front of me, medium of course because I believe medium is the best way to have a steak done, it's just nothing that I'd ever had in my life. It's just so good that I can't put it into works.

And they're dessert! Oh my goodness the desserts!

A truly horrible picture, I know, but it's so dark in the restaurant that it's hard for my camera to take pictures in this kind of lightly. I don't favor flash. Nonetheless, you can still see by this sorry excuse for a photo as to how good they're dessert is!

This is they're Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce. New Orleans Style! And boy can I tell you; First bite and your in love! I swear, it's true love at first bite! Best Desserts ever is all I can say about they're Bread Pudding. Just truly amazing.

So my birthday dinner turned out to be one tasty one. Also, a extremely filling one! I stuffed myself, that's for sure! After a Petite Sirloin, Lyonnaise Potatoes, Broccoli Au Gratin and Bread Pudding; I think any ones bound to be stuffed! I don't think I've eaten so much in such a long time!


Cedar said...

A very happy 17th to you! Sound like you had a lovely time!

VeggieGirl said...

Happy birthday!! Looks like you certainly had a lovely dinner and celebration :0)

Tine said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

socolenco said...
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