Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ruth Chris Steakhouse

For my father birthday, he wanted to go to Ruth Chris Steak House;
I've never been there before, so I couldn't wait. I love going to new restaurants. It's fun to experience something new. Though I was kind of nervous about what would be on the menu, since I'm not that big on eating steak, I knew that there would be something on the menu that I would eat; And I thought right.

While everyone else go Steak, I decided to get the Stuffed Chicken Breast. It was Oven roasted free-range double chicken breast stuffed with garlic herb cheese and served with lemon butter. It was different, and I had never tried anything like it before. I didn't eat much of it because I ordered the lyonnaise potatoes. They were so delicious! They were sautéed with onions and cut thinly but not too thin, just the way I like.

I didn't eat at all the whole day because I was saving up for going out to eat, so of course I was getting a dessert!! I got the Bread Pudding. It was just like the New Orleans version and every bit was to die for! I would go back just to have the dessert!


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