Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hot Cakes

Today I wanted some Breakfast.
So, I went and had breakfast with my Brother and my Grandmother at the diner Brain's.
We've gone there ever since I can remember. I've lived of they're breakfast for my whole life.

I decided Hot Cakes for today. Usually I would get the No. 2, which consists of 3 silver dollar pancakes, 2 eggs, bacon and sausage, but I always get that. So I just got Hot Cakes; Though my brother and Grandmother both got the No. 2. We're kind of known to always get that order :]

My Brother and Grandmother didn't waste time to scrarf they're food down.

They we're having a special today that not even I could pass down.
$2.00 for a Brownie a la mode! Though it was only and extra $1.50 off, it's still was a pretty awesome price because they're pretty damn delicious!

Me and my Grandmother are going to start going out to eat every week.
I'm pretty cool with that because I love to enjoy going out.


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