Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Marble Slab Creamery

Ice cream crave today!

I'm known to be really picky; With anything, not just food. And I'm very picky about my ice cream. Marble Slab Creamery is my kind of ice cream. A majority of people either go with store bought ice cream or Cold Stone Creamery. I've had Cold Stone and I don't favor they're ice cream one bit. There's just something about they're ice cream that I just do not like at all.

Marble Slab however is so delicious, sweet, creamy and my kind of ice cream! I've gone to the one that is nearest to my house so much, that they know who I am when I walk in and we always talk for awhile. They're always suggesting different kinds of ice creams for me AND I get discounts!!

They have been wondering as to where I've been in the past couple months, being that I haven't gotten ice cream in an extremely long time. They however said they expect me to come during the winter. I was one of those few customers that came during the winter. Actually, I was probably one of the only to get ice cream in the winter!

Strange, right?
I don't know. Last year, it was cold, I was freezing and couldn't take it. But, I would have this craving for ice cream even though I was freezing cold! They found it funny how I would walk in freezing and shaking then having ice cream. I don't care if its cold out! It I want ice cream, then I want ice cream!

I was going to get Butter Pecan, but, they actually had Nutter Butter for once! They're usually always out of the Nutter Butter ice cream and its my favorite to get. So, I got the Nutter Butter Ice Cream with Reese's. I would had done Snickers, but, Snickers is like, the worlds favorite chocolate bar! So, they didn't have any in stock. They ran out. It was sad... But Reese's is just as good.

My brother came with me and he got the usual. Vanilla with M&M's. He needs to expand his taste. He gets the same things everything. So boring... Plus, I'm tired of spending money on something he gets all the time!


CalebPhotographer said...

Mmmm... Vanilla ice cream... =P

I think I've eaten at a marble slab like.. Once. It melts too quick for me o_O

Yikes! A car accident? I've never actually been in one, but there have been some insanely close calls.. (If we would've been on the road half a second later, we would've died, that sort of thing).

Which school do you go to?
I'm stuck in this online schooling.. it's pretty lame, if you ask me. I'm taking Spanish 2 and Latin, but I couldn't speak a word of either... And three years ago, I listened to a 5-minute Japanese lesson, and I still remember it. Sure says something about the schools these days ;)

And yeah man! Downtown is awesome! I always love to go there and walk around the lake (Lake Eola). Every now and then I'll take a walk around the city, look in some of the unfinished buildings... =D

I got my new camera in April, and I have already passed 5,000 photos taken with it.. I'm a little trigger happy. Hmm.. now, off to decide which photos to watermark for Flickr.

You have any religious background?

Here is the only 'picture' that I have of myself with my old Nikon.

Click here to see

I still have highlights in that.. wow.
I think I might get them redone in white. =D

Hmm.. I just wrote an essay, didn't I? Sorry, lol

CalebPhotographer said...

What on Earth is Crunchy Roll?

CalebPhotographer said...

Bwuahaha! Downtown! I wish!

I live near Wedgefeild... Bleck. I go to Waterford Lakees Towncenter nearly every weekend. What is your usual schedule? I didn't choose online schooling.. well.. in essence, I did. I got poor grades and my mom warned me that if it continued, I would be graciously rewarded with online school. Guess what I did?

I am O-K in photoshop. The animated .gif was done using Adobe Imageready. I love those comercials as well. As soon as I get a new portable media player, I'm going to download them all and put them on it. Hopefully I can get an Archos 605 wifi!

If you want to see them all, theyre on the apple website:

Thy all rock! =D

Me and my mom might be getting a Macbook Pro soon! I'm so excited, but I'm really hoping on getting a job so that I can save up for an Axiotron Modbook. Those things are like.. a dream. But they're real now. x)

You're the first person to understand how white would most likely be totally awesome! Everyone elses reaction has been, ".... ... ... ............white?"

But my mom is okay with it which is cool. She said that white hair was a sign of wisdom, lol. And I used to be heavy into anime.. I could draw it and would read it and stuff, but I kinda stopped paying attention to it. So it's kind of a "it's cool, but I don't obsess over it" kinda thing. Not to say that you obsess over it. =P

Winter Park... My memory fails me.. Is that near Altamonte? Is Altamonte in Orlando? I should just sit down and read a map one day.

This is in fact my first year in Latin. I can not speak or read Spanish. =(

Have you ever been to Waterford?
What lifestyle do you live? Are you above the influence, or do you drink/smoke etc?

I really need to do some school.. I have been really lazy this week... I think I'm starting to get burnt out because I never got a summer. ¬_¬

Medical reasons? You, or family?

Care to elaborate? (If not, do't sweat it. =D )

I used to have a lot of medical problems growing up. Asthma, allergies, bronchitis, constant nosebleeds, ear infections, etc. Grown out of it now, though, thank God. Okay. I have to go call this guy in California about a Macbook. =P

Would give you my cell number, but it pretty much useless as my better holds about a 12 hours charge, when I haven't talked on it at all. About a 5 minute charge when I talk. ¬_¬

CalebPhotographer said...

If you ever come to waterford, let me know! =D

I just checked, and it appears that Waterford is about halfway between E. Colonial, and where am. (hintity-hint-hint)

Anyways, my mom is thinking of switching me to my own plan, with that new place... the name escapes me... ghar... wait, I got it. Metro PCS. So then I would get a new phone that holds more than a five minute charge.

Hm... and I do have a house phone to call people with, y'know.
It's very good to hear that you're above the influence. Hm.. sick all week, eh? That's really rough. I hope that you start feeling better within like.. the next five minutes, say? That'd be nice. =)

So you're convince that you're overweight?
I can tell just by your face, that you are definitely not, lol. If you start getting the whole.. 8 chins going on, and folds on your arms that could be makeshift wings.. then start to worry. But I can guarantee that you don't fit that description. =D

Hm.. I don't think we're going to get the MBP soon. What I think is going to happen, is Christmas time, we're going to get the 17 incher fully upgraded. x)

That would be like.. cloud 8. Cloud nine would be...


And I don't want to meet your mac hater cousin.. You should show him the awesomeness of Mac and convert him. Or at least show him Ubuntu to stop supporting Microsoft. (Ubuntu is free. Google it.)

I'm planning on taking some photography classes for my senior year when I go back to public school.

Oh yeah, and I do not have any friends who smoke and drink. Who ever you talk to will always have an impact on who you are, even if it's just a few times. If I were to be with people like that regularly.. I'd be afraid of the type of person I'd be today. I bet I'd be in jail.

My grandma loves that show "Smarter than a 5th Grader".
I've never really seen the point o_O
It just annoys me, because I hate watching people get questions wrong that involve common sense. Granted, some of the questions are hard, but the ones that are the format of "A=B, and B=C. Does A=C?" People get questions like that wrong and I'm just like... AGGHH!! STUPID! Should all be put in a pit together to create their own civilization out of cardboard. ¬_¬

What grade are you in?
I'm taking...
Algebra 2 (almost done, then moving to calculus)
Latin 1
Spanish 2
English 3
SAT Prep
Web Design 2

And some is hard, some isn't. It all really depends on the subject. Never take spanish online. Bleck. It's the worst format. I showed my best friends mom whose native language is spanish, and it gave her a headache. No joke. She was like, whining and complaining about all of it, and wanted to complain to my teacher, lol. She said that it's the equivalent of going to say, Spain, and walking into an 11th grade english class, with the kids getting taught to say "I like cat."

lol x)

You sound like you might be kind of a loner, am I right? I certainly am. If you stick me in a room with a bunch of people, I'll most likely find some place to go and stand until the people are gone, and then I'll relax.

You should get a new blogger default pic. I'm tired of seeing your angry face every time I come on here. =P Try SMILING! It's easy, just take your index finger, and your thumb, place them at each end of your lips, and push up. Then hold it there. =D

How tall are you?

I've got to say that it's nice to see that you haven't cursed at all.. so many people are just like... they curse, and are way way sexually impure, and it's hard to relate with that stuff going on. It's just like.. it occupies their time. Nice to find someone easy to talk to. ;D

Make sure that it's okay if when you finally go to waterford with your friend, me and my friend meet you two as well, as long as you'd like that. Give me a ring... for five minutes. =P


CalebPhotographer said...

By the time you make a new post, the scroll bar is gonna be tiny, isn't it? lol xP

CalebPhotographer said...

On the comments box, I mean... Like.. this page.. that you're on right now.. o_O

I should stop talking ¬_¬

CalebPhotographer said...

I just looked through your favorite music in your blogger profile... looks like you have an O-K taste in music ;p

You should add in some Modest Mouse, The Postal Service (<--- That one for sure) , and some Jack Johnson.

I just cleared a bunch of space on my computer, deleting old files, and I cleared up 24GB worth of space! That's like.. an iPod! o_o

I've been drinking black leaded coffee... So I'm kind of awake.. That's good, though, because I'm working on Chemistry. xP Yay..

I hope that you're feeling better by the time you get to this... That's about five minutes, right?

CalebPhotographer said...

What do you get distracted by in school? It's pretty boring there, if you ask me. And no, not University, thank heavens. Timber Creek. I'll be heading back there senior year if all goes well...

I am somewhere in between 5'8 and 5'10. My mom measures me at 5'8, and my grandfather is 5'10 and I'm the same height as him o_O

I have no clue.

And yes, seriously waterford is halfway between us, roughly... That is, if you were to head there at the same time that I was heading there, we would arrive at the same time. Get it? ;P

And, the MBP is on again. My mom told me to start looking around for a good deal, and that she'd order it. YAY!! x)

I think she's serious this time, because we were in Radioshack and she almost bought a windows laptop so that we would have a laptop. But instead she wants me to find a deal for a macbook. I'm so excited.

So, in case by this point you still haven't gotten the hint that I'd like to hang out... uhm.. Hopefully you got it now. =P

Okay, and do you not think that the Modbook is totally awesome? C'mon! It's like a law that makes it illegal to teach or study biology or sciences... only better! =D

haha, I like how I say "I would give you my cell, but it doesn't work" then you say "Just ask me for mine" then I say "Here's mine, call me sometime" replied with yours, and you saying "call me if you get bored."

Haha.. =)

Hm... well, hope to talk tomorrow. ;)

CalebPhotographer said...

Haha, and if you really want to rattle your cousin, tell him that his beloved Bill Gates used a mac to help create windows vista. ;D

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