Saturday, October 6, 2007

Marble Slab Creamery II

Ice Cream comfort, please?

Ice Cream always makes me feel better and I needed something. I didn't feel any guilt towards having ice cream today since I hadn't had anything all day. I've been feeling really down in the dumps lately for several reasons. From my family issues to my own personal issues, everything had been going insane.

It was hot for once today. It's been raining daily here in Florida and it hasn't been the usual hot weather. It's been warm. At a comfortable temperature. Not the usual blazing heat that it usually is.

I don't mind the raining weather. I actually prefer it. But since it was hot for once and I wanted a treat, So, I drove to Marble Slab Creamery.

They had a new flavor today. Chocolate Mint Ice Cream. They usually have Mint or Peppermint, which is my favorite, but they replaced those with this. I love minty flavors, so I defiantly was going to try this.

I really liked this flavor. It reminded me a lot of the Peppermint Ice Cream. Just, it didn't have the little bits of candy in it. I got mine with Chocolate Chips and Brownie in a White Chocolate Sprinkle Waffle Bowl. Sinful, yes, but, it was the only thing I had today.

Me being the nice sister I am, I got my little brother one. I got him the same flavor with M&M's. What he always has in his ice cream...


CalebPhotographer said...


I had too much Oreo cake today... it made me feel kinda nauseated. x_x

I also tried calling you... give me a call back. =)

CalebPhotographer said...

Why are you down, Tarah? =(
(I know how hard family problems can be.. having some of my own recently, but try not to let it get to you. Wish we could hang out so I could try and cheer you up. Soon, though, as you said!)

And where do you get off only eating ice cream all day!! You need to go eat some dough nuts or something! Pronto! Go to an all-you-can-eat type thing! C'mon! >=O

CalebPhotographer said...

You're making me worried...

and in your music, you put "Anderlin"

Do you mean Anberlin? Put Kaskade in there too. And.. I think it's BT - Somnambulist. The best song in the entire universe. Ever. Period. ".".

CalebPhotographer said...

Just checked, and yes, it's a song by "BT" called "Somnambulist"

Here's a link to listen to it:

It is awesommeeee..... x)

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