Sunday, November 25, 2007

Snickers Nut n' Peanut Butter Crunch

My favorite candy bar just got better! Peanut Butter Snickers! Alright! I just recently saw this at the store and just had to try it! I remember a while back that they had these out, but before I could try it, they stopped selling them. And I didn't want to miss the opportunity to try these tasty candy bar! So I grabbed them right away!

The Snickers Nut n' Peanut Butter Crunch bar is a chocolate bar that consists of milk chocolate, peanuts and a creamy, peanut butter nougat in place of the original nougat of a Snickers bar. The creamy Peanut Butter nougat gives the chocolate bar a whole new, wonderful, creamy, delicious taste that your taste buds are having a party as you bite into the chocolate bar!

I absolutely love Peanut Butter to be completely honest. If I could, I would eat it straight from the jar all the time. However, one, that's extremely unhealthy, and two, I don't want to gain 15 pounds. So I distant myself from Peanut Butter for I will mostly over do it on Peanut Butter.

If your craving chocolate, nuts and peanut butter all at the same time, this is defiantly the chocolate bar to grab hold of! All of some of the most delicious things all put straight into a delicious and creamy chocolate bar. I would have really, really, really enjoyed this so much more if they replaced the milk chocolate with dark chocolate. The richness of the dark chocolate would have made it so much better!


Julie said...

Oh my @$^(*&%$$!!!

When I was in college, back in the 90s, they had Peanut Butter Snickers, but discontinued them. They didn't have that crunch factor, but this is close enough. They have always been my all-time favorite candy bar. Thanks for the heads up! I hope I can find some!

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